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Recognized as the single most comprehensive source for house price data in Canada, the RPS House Price Index Enterprise solution includes index values, median house price dollar values and extensive additional data by property type from a national to neighbourhood level.

Enabling residential real estate market participants from financial institutions to government to make key risk management and portfolio valuation decisions for over a decade, the RPS HPI is now even more accurate across all stratifications.

The RPS HPI Public Release now includes the National Index Published series designed for investment products – another Canadian first for RPS.

Download Public Data

You can download the HPI Public Release data, just

HPI Public Release

The HPI Public Release is a complimentary dataset that provides trends for all property types combined at the National, National Index Published, 13 Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs), and a Weighted National 13 CMA Composite. See the trends or download the latest HPI Public Release below.

City YoY Change Index Value
National Index -1.34% 336.4 $802,840
National Index Published -1.41% 336.4 $802,840
Vancouver 2.19% 375.3 $1,435,000
Victoria 0.15% 324.1 $1,132,690
Calgary 4.18% 240.4 $610,340
Edmonton -3.51% 213.3 $436,300
Regina -3.20% 265.9 $344,620
Saskatoon -0.04% 260.7 $413,090
Winnipeg -6.54% 272.9 $375,810
Hamilton -8.59% 410.4 $824,560
Toronto 0.76% 377.8 $1,236,230
Ottawa -4.29% 284.7 $686,200
Montreal -2.72% 281.6 $629,320
Québec 1.47% 244.9 $385,780

Key Features

Broad, Deep, Detailed

House price trends are provided across all Canadian markets, down to thousands of discreet local markets, property types and segments of the markets, and includes supplemental contextual information to power subscriber insights.

Local Trends Every Month

Enterprise subscribers can leverage national, provincial and neighbourhood trends every month using data for 1,000 cities and towns plus 1,500 FSA-level neighbourhoods from coast to coast. All geographic trends are published for six property types so enterprise subscribers are able to compare the performance of different housing stock.

Methodology Matters

Using RPS' unique residential property database that's updated continuously from sources across Canada, the RPS HPI employs a stratified central tendency approach that produces robust house price trends down to the neighbourhood level across multiple property types. Read the RPS HPI Methodology below.

Who Are RPS HPI Clients?

How RPS HPI Clients Achieve Results

RPS HPI Methodology

Read the full HPI Methodology here.

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