We May Not Have a Crystal Ball, But We Do Have a Forecast That Can Help You Peer into the Future.

Why rely on RPS House Price Forecasts?

RPS Forecasts are recognized as the most comprehensive and authoritative house price forecast solution available in Canada. Clients benefit from comprehensive forward-looking performance insights into residential house prices for a variety of predictive applications. 

A bubble graph as an example of the insights you can get from the house price forecast. The graph shows house prices in Canadian cities that are improving, contracting, expanding or slipping in value.

The Most Authoritative House Price Forecasts in Canada Are Now Available at the Neighbourhood Level

RPS is a leading provider of Canadian residential real estate valuation and business intelligence. We’ve partnered with Moody’s Analytics, a leading provider of regional economic forecasting, to bring you the most authoritative Canadian house price forecasts. 

The RPS-Moody’s Analytics House Price Forecasts are used by lenders, insurers, and industry stakeholders to help measure, manage, and mitigate residential real estate risk. 

Updated monthly, the RPS-Moody’s Analytics House Price Forecasts are recognized as the authoritative source for baseline and alternative scenarios built on trusted global economic data. 

Designed for Clients like you

Key Features

Extensive Scenarios

Includes baseline forecast and nine alternative forecast scenarios to give you a full set analysis opportunities over a 30-year horizon.

Best National Coverage

Covers over 3,500 local market and property type combinations across Canada

Always Current

Updated monthly to reflect the latest market analysis, expectations, and data

RPS Forecast Use Cases

The RPS - Moody's Analytics Partnership

RPS and Moody’s Analytics have partnered together to deliver the forecasts leveraging the RPS House Price Index (HPI) and the extensive global economic modelling expertise, financial intelligence and datasets of Moody’s Analytics

Global and Canadian Forecasts

Forecasts combine data from the RPS House Price Index with nearly 13,000 economic and financial timeseries data from Moody’s Analytics.

Local Market Forecasts

Forecasts are provided for thousands of local market and property type combinations across Canada, delivering the most authoritative, detailed and robust forecast solution available.

Alternative Scenarios

Forecasts provide multiple scenarios that enable more ‘what if’ analyses, so you can incorporate valuable insights into your business and focus on actions to optimize success.

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