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A single provider for all your residential real estate valuation needs

Offering a full suite of appraisal management services as well as advanced, proprietary data and analytics solutions, we are a single provider for all your residential real estate valuation needs. Our solutions can help you manage, monitor, mitigate, and grow your mortgage business more efficiently and intelligently.

Our Clients

Through our relentless attention to delivering real value to our clients, we have established and retained a robust roster of clients that includes:

  • Financial institutions including the major banks and national lenders, regional financial institutions and consumer lenders, credit unions, mortgage servicers as well as mortgage insurers
  • Independent mortgage brokers and other real estate businesses and professionals
  • Government agencies, consulting firms as well as data and technology companies
  • Think tanks and academics

Appraisal Management Services

RPS is an experienced, proven appraisal management partner focused on your success. We deliver high quality appraisal management services, innovative and best-in-class collateral risk management tools, and a superior end-to-end client experience. Our success is due to our:

  • People: Extensive in-house valuation expertise coupled with outstanding customer support
  • Process: Strong, stable, proven infrastructure with a drive for continuous improvement and innovation
  • Product: Comprehensive, flexible, and customizable solutions to meet your unique valuation needs

Data & Analytics Solutions

RPS delivers meaningful residential real estate valuations, insights, and trends. Our data and analytics solutions enable you to leverage timely, accurate, and detailed local market housing data to generate informed real estate decisions and effectively drive your business. Our best-in-class solutions are the culmination of our:

  • Data: Powerful, proprietary property database which represents one of the largest single-sources of national residential real estate data in Canada
  • Analytics: Sophisticated, industry leading tools such as machine learning, visualization software, and GIS systems
  • People: Experienced data scientists with valuation experience and a collaborative approach to working with and supporting our clients

For more, see the Appraisal Management and Data & Analytics sections of our website, their respective product sheets, or contact us.