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National, high quality and cost effective instant valuation

The RPS Automated Valuation Model (AVM) delivers cost-effective, commercial grade, and instant automated home valuations. It is a national solution built using highly advanced machine learning systems and tree-based models, which can take into account extensive and diverse data sets, learn from the data in their environment, as well as incorporate new and different situations, as the market evolves.

Meaningful, supporting information is also provided in our output reporting, such as multiple confidence scores, homogeneity scores, and market price trend charts. The RPS AVM can be provided by batch, real time through a browser or via an XML integration. It is part of a full suite of valuation products such as our customizable cascade that includes other market-leading AVM providers and desk-top appraisals (desk-top, drive-by and full) to help balance cost, risk, and detail, as well as portfolio valuation services.

Whether for use at origination or for portfolio reviews, the RPS AVM provides you with the information you need to make better and more informed decisions.