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Extensive appraisal management reporting package

RPS provides extensive reporting packages to our appraisal management clients. We offer an out of the box package at no added charge or a custom package to meet your unique needs at an added charge.

Our significant investments in sophisticated tools and data scientists - coupled with our extensive, long-standing valuation experience and collaboration with industry experts and clients - enables us to provide our clients with industry-leading reporting on all aspects of the appraisal process in a manner that is easy to digest.

RPS’ products and services provide a competitive differentiation for our valued clients. Fully staffed with experienced data scientists who work closely with our valuation experts, we deliver sophisticated data cleansing, translation and tools to ensure quality data inputs.

We deliver meaningful and useful reports, enabling you to monitor and measure operational efficiency, such as appraiser response rates, turn-around times, escalations, product mix, amongst others. Reporting is provided across departments and users, tailored to their needs and delivers all the critical information they need in a timely, concise, and easily digestible form. As a result, our clients have richer insights into their business as it relates to appraisal services and internal processes.

We use this information to empower our clients at all levels of their business, to support our own continual improvement initiatives, and to enable regulatory compliance. With the volume of data now available, business intelligence and data analytics are a powerful tool for mitigating risks, meeting regulatory requirements, monitoring customer experience and profitability, finding new opportunities, identifying and maintaining competitive advantages.

Your RPS dedicated account manager will work closely with you and our data and analytics team, to get you set up and support you on an ongoing basis.