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[RBC] Toronto Challenges Vancouver as Canada's Least Affordable Market

by Yvonne von Jena | June 29, 2017

According to RBC’s latest Housing Trends and Affordability report, Toronto challenged Vancouver as Canada’s least affordable market in the first quarter of 2017. RBC’s measure for Canada increased to its second-highest level since 1990, although in virtually all markets outside Ontario and British Columbia, RBC measures are quite close to long-term averages.

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Changes in the Mortgage Insurance Market

by Yvonne von Jena | June 26, 2017

The structure of the mortgage insurance market has been changing significantly and is expected to change more in the coming years. According to various industry estimates, approximately 45-55% of residential mortgage debt in Canada is insured and with all the new rules and regulations, it is expected to continue to fall to about 25% in three years with no changes.

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[Moody's Analytics] House Prices Going One Way, Rates Another

by Yvonne von Jena | June 22, 2017

According to economist Paul Matsiras of Moody’s Analytics, federal mortgage regulations and increased provincial taxes and regulations have, as expected, restrained housing starts and curbed house prices. The question then becomes what happens when the Bank of Canada raises interest rates, which Moody's Analytics expects to begin in the third quarter.

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[Bank of Canada] Risks Resulting from the Recent Mortgage Rule Changes

by Yvonne von Jena | June 15, 2017

The Bank of Canada's June 2017 Financial System Review provides some interesting insights into mortgage risks that it is monitoring, some of which resulted from the recent mortgage rule changes.

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To Diverge or Not to Diverge? That Is an Important Question....

by Yvonne von Jena | June 15, 2017

In recent interviews and presentations, Bank of Canada officials have been saying that the Canadian economy is picking up. Markets are taking the Bank's positive tone to mean that interest rate hikes could come sooner than had been expected, which was early 2018. Up until recently, the Bank had been saying it would stay the course on its own monetary policy by continuing to hold its target rate, and diverge from increases in interest rates by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

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[Zillow] Paint Colour Impacts the Sale Price of a Home

by Yvonne von Jena | June 4, 2017

According to Zillow's research in the U.S., certain paint colours result in higher sales prices for homes, while other result in lower sales prices.

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Ontario Passes "Non-Resident Speculation Tax" Legislation

by Yvonne von Jena | June 2, 2017

It's official: the Ontario government has now passed legislation the Non-Resident Speculation Tax, which it says will increase housing affordability for people in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

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Reuters Analyst Poll: House Prices Not Coming Down Yet

by Yvonne von Jena | May 29, 2017

A poll of analysts by Reuters said that although Ontario's measures will cool activity in Toronto and its surrounding areas, the effect will be modest and temporary. Overall, economists do not expect Canadian house prices to come down yet thanks to low interest rates, a weak Canadian dollar and strong demand.

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We're Not Alone

by Yvonne von Jena | May 22, 2017

House prices in Australia have been growing at a consistent and quick pace, much like in Canada. The response by the Australian government? It is addressing this growth by making “housing affordability” a feature of its budget and boosting supply.

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Flood Coverage: Perception versus Reality

by Yvonne von Jena | May 12, 2017

Understanding the perceptions and realities of flood protections and coverage is important in assessing the real risk to real property from flooding, especially as major floods hit many parts of the country.

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