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Effective Monday March 2nd, RPS is launching Full Appraisals with Outbuildings. This new type of appraisal will ensure that lenders receive the additional valuation information the need for properties that have both a primary residence and other secondary residential outbuildings. 

“We are proud to offer Full Appraisals with Outbuildings exclusively to our lending partner ATB and the mortgage broker that work with ATB across Alberta,” according to Joel Bates, President, “to address the growing needs of Canadian homeowners including multi-generational living, income-generating properties and on-site workspaces.” 

In addition, it will also ensure that our appraiser partners are compensated for the incremental time and effort to complete appraisals with outbuildings.  

As we see success with the order process and the fulfilment of these orders, we can look to expand across other Canadian markets in the future with other lenders and insurers.


For information about Full Appraisals with Outbuildings, please talk to your Appraisal Relations Manager.

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Head of Innovation & Marketing
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